Field Trips

Posted By on August 23, 2015

Schedule field trip for your school or organization, right now! Call Mr. Biddle at 757-971-3413 to coordinate your activity.
gbpp big sign

Pumpkin Patch Panarama

Look at all those Mums and Pumpkins!

pumpkins under a tent

bouncey castle

Bouncy Castle for the kids!

super slide

A bouncy slide that can’t be beat. 🙂

shark ride

35 foot shark slide called “Gone Fishin’ is a very fast and steep slide. A real hit with the kids.

Straw Tunnel

Don’t get lost in the Straw Tunnel and Slide

dragon castle

Obstacle course and Rock climb in the Dragon’s Castle and Slide out to avoid the dragon!

farm yard

Welcome to the Farm Yard!

halloween castle

Our Halloween Castle

overall playland



A Hayride around 12 acres through the woods and fields and by the pond is a lot of fun for the family.


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