Terror Woods at Great Bridge Pumpkin Patch (Chesapeake, VA) is without a double the scariest single moment of any attraction I visited this season (yes all 100 of them).

I never could’ve imagined I’d be saying this especially considering how I was joking going in about how bad this place was probably going to be. Well they shut me up in a hurry…

At the moment when the huge _______ came roaring from behind out the darkness I actually ran in fright.

From an unassuming pumpkin farm next to a car dealership in rural Virginia I wasn’t expecting anything remotely scary to happen but once and for all they proved you CANNOT judge a book by it’s cover. 

Terror Woods: Single $25Group Rates and Party Rates:  Please Call Us : 757- 971-3413 / 703-727-5011 JoeDates:Oct 14,15, 21,22,23 (Closed 24, 25), 26,27,28,29,30,31Terror Woods: Times from Old website 7:30- Last Call is 10:30 pm