We are going to have a haunted trail for the first time at the great bridge pumpkin patch this year. Here are some pics of the start of the project. Look to be scared! We are calling it “Terror Woods.” We have actor-matronics. We aim to have the coolest halloween props for haunted trails and attractions. Come check it out.

Our hours of operation will be around dark until about midnight. The first night will October 9 and 10, and all weekends after that including Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and possibly Sundays as well.

Starting October 22 thru Halloween we will be operating every night, so be ready to be TERRIFIED!

It should take about 15 minutes to get through. Check back later for updates on Terror Woods. Our motto is “Come if dare, leave if you can!”

scary road

ghoulish eyes

scary forest

house in forest

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